XR Performance

XR Performance Technology employs micro-porous coatings and laminated membranes to produce high level waterproof, breathable fabrics. Combined with a variety of durable shell materials and construction systems to create weatherproof barriers against the most severe and extreme riding conditions.

Cascade Ballistic

Cascade Ballistic is the fabric of choice for durability and resistance to abrasion, tears and scuffing while remaining as pliable and comfortable as possible for the wearer to do what we do best, ride hard, ride fast, ride every day.


Cordura fabrics provide rugged durable performance for a variety of end uses with exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. Cordura fabric is designed for living and built to last, bringing with it the heritage of the Cordura brand which has proven performance in many of the world’s toughest environments for over thirty years.


Recognized in winter sports as the premier foam supplier of the highest quality heat formable foams, Intuition produces these liners exclusively for HMK for the snowmobile market to give the rider the best combination of support, comfort, warmth, fit and function of any boots in the industry.


Boa provides custom comfort with smooth, even closure and no pressure points. With micro-adjustability and on the fly adjustment they lace up tight with little effort and once locked in place stay that way until it’s time to step out. The Boa lacing system is guaranteed by Boa Technology for the lifetime of the product.

Fly Racing

Our F2 Carbon helmet is produced by Fly Racing with an HMK graphic package to help you stand apart on your machine, no matter what it may be. The same helmet worn proudly by Colten Moore and Heath Frisby while dominating winter X; Tucker, Ross and Factory Yamaha riders taking ISOC by storm; and let’s not forget the top tier of backcountry and hillclimbers the Tapio brothers, Dan Adams and Geoff Kyle to name a few…